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Patent Office to Hold Remote Meetings ‘Until Further Notice,’ Bloomberg Law

The final in-person oral hearing that happens at the end of an inter partes review “is going to be an absolute mess,” said Michelle Armond, co-founder of the intellectual property litigation firm Armond Wilson LLP….  Attorneys may have to change their strategy for telephonic proceedings [in view of the coronavirus], Armond said.

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$1.1 Billion CalTech Infringement Win Shows Patent Board Perils, Bloomberg Law

Even when an accused infringer can’t convince jurors an invention is obvious, simply making those arguments and showing them the evidence can change their perception of the technology’s value, intellectual property attorney Douglas Wilson said. “The value goes down in the jurors’ minds when they get to see how close the prior art was,” Wilson, a founding partner of Armond Wilson LLP, said.

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GE’s Supreme Court Appeal Plan Tests Patent Challenge Tactics, Bloomberg Law

“Standing is putting a damper on people that are preemptively going out and challenging patents,” Michelle Armond, co-founder of the intellectual property litigation firm Armond Wilson LLP, said. “If you take a shot at invalidating a patent and you lose, there is no automatic path up to the Federal Circuit right now.”

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Patent Eligibility Clarity Tops Attorneys’ New Year’s Wish List, Bloomberg Law

“We’re still searching for where the line is,” said attorney Michelle Armond, who founded Armond Wilson LLP and represents clients in a broad range of intellectual property disputes. “I don’t know if that’s going to come from the Supreme Court at this point or from a legislative fix, but [patent eligibility] is an area of law that definitely needs some consistency.”

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